Julie Choo is a techpreneur, author, speaker and strategic advisor focused on education and learning, financial services, innovation, business strategy, design, architecture and technology.

Julie Choo - THE JULIE JUMPSUITShe is passionate about helping people to create success stories in their personal lives, careers and businesses through gamification. As an electrical and software engineer with a specialisation in data, as well as a marketing degree specialising in Quant and Consumer Behaviour, she wants to get techies to understand business better and business people to work better with tech, while they play the ‘game of business’ and ‘game of life’ together.

Julie has spent the past 15+ years working with C-level executives and directors of banks and large corporates (spending several years in these roles herself) as well as many start-ups and their investing VCs and family offices to plan and execute their strategies including the structuring of merger and acquisition deals. She also specialises in international business expansion and location strategy, focused on business model design and operating model optimisation.

If you’re interested in Julie’s CV (she calls it her boring one), its on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliechoo/

Photo taken by Rebecca Need Menear. Julie is modelling THE JULIE JUMPSUIT for DFYNorm.com.


Current Projects

Julie is currently (still) finishing THE STRATEGY JOURNEY® book as well as being founder of the Stratability Academy. Her research for the book includes analysis of many industries: Data Science, Automotive (including Autonomous Vehicles), HealthTech, EdTech, Financial Services Technology (Fintech or Digital Banking) and Smart Cities.

As well as writing book, Julie is also busy building and expanding the Stratability Academy which is now in the process of becoming an Edtech platform focused on case study based digital training courses that bridge business with technology with a very strong focus on data and innovation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Beyond.

Stratability was originally a boutique consultancy which Julie set up in 2015, when she decided to quit investment banking after getting bored with the lack of transformation – she said it was “boring her to death”. She felt her impact was greater from outside corporations as a consultant, when politics and bureaucracy kept her from “doing anything useful, or anything at all”.

Stratability’s transformation to a digital academy in 2018, came about when students and professional course attendees from her ‘Applied Operating Model’ workshop which was run in partnership with EA Learning, with 100s of attendees from 50 companies globally, kept asking for a more detailed program to learn the science behind THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework, specially down to the more granular level of data and covering thick data, in order to enable better use with AI and other technologies. Students also complained about the costs of travelling to so many workshops and conferences when advancements in technology actually allowed much better teaching and learning online. So as usual, and in thinking outside the box, the solution Julie came up with was to move everything online and then she’d be free too to live the life a digital nomad from the beaches in Sydney, her home town too.

So Stratability Partners in Julie’s words “needs to be shut down so I don’t have to service clients with endless hours of meetings”, and the Stratability Academy was born “to focus on educating people about the power of data for use in an AI-Powered World digitally in the virtual world”.



Side Projects

Julie’s extensive knowledge of banking and Fintech resulted in her becoming a course author and lecturer for the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF), a post she took up in 2018 because “this was how I can still help banks to change albeit slowly through education”. The philanthropy opportunities to help children through proper financial education from depressed and repressed backgrounds in the 90 countries where LIBF has a footprint was particularly attractive to her – “I want poor and normal children to get the education that rich people’s children get when it comes to being smart with money”.

As well as her book and company, Julie is a NED, mentor and/or investor to several start-ups and growth companies based in London (some via accelerators) covering sectors ranging from fintech to fashion. She is also a speaker on topics such as the Future of Work, Women in STEM, Business Architecture and Operating Models, Blockchain and Machine Intelligence including Autonomous Vehicles.

In her spare time, Julie enjoys following Formula One (F1) and her football teams Arsenal (she’s disappointed right now following the 2018-19 season) and Liverpool (yeah, European Champions League Winner!!!), learning Latin dancing, and food. She also loves to spend time with her dog, Kimi whom she named after her favourite F1 driver, Raikkonen.



Speaking & Events

Julie Choo - Speaker

Julie is keynote speaker, panel speaker and occasional judge or investor ‘dragon’ at events by invitation. She occasionally still runs workshops and training courses in Business Design, Business Architecture, Operating Model Design, Design Thinking, UX Data Modelling for corporate professionals, in-house in large corporations as well as for startups via accelerators or through VCs.

Notable topics of interest include:

  • THE STRATEGY JOURNEY for businesses
  • The future of careers and work
  • What is Business Architecture?
  • Fintech – what are the banks really doing and what should they do?
  • Women in Technology and STEM
  • The Future of Machine Intelligence and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Data – A Currency or Commodity that is changing the world

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Upcoming events:

Julie is in lock-down mode finishing her book and adding extra case studies including a deep dive into Tesla’s Operating Model, so event attendances or speaking gigs are currently not possible till October 2019.


Previous events:

September 5, 2018: Fintech is Real Guest Lecture Series at London Institute of Banking and Finance

Julie was the opening keynote for LIFB’s new guest lecturer series, providing her insights on Disruption to the Operating Models of Banks with her keynote called ‘THE END OF BANKING AS WE KNOW IT’.


July 5-8 2018: Campus Party Singapore at the Singapore Expo #CPSG1

Julie did a keynote on “Future of Careers & the Age of the Creative” and also ran a workshop on ran a workshop on Building Competitive Advantage with the Ecosystem System Map.


February 14, 2018: GDPR and Blockchain Panel for the Global Blockchain Association at Rise London

Julie joins the panel to discuss her opinions from a data and technical perspective on WHY you can’t use blockchain to implement GDPR.  Her professional opinion as a real techie and business strategist combined was that any solutions presented were just a hack trying to make money from the Blockchain hype.


June 28-29, 2017: Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit at the Postillion Convention Centre Amsterdam, Netherlands

Julie was MC of the Event on DAY2 and speaking about the future and practical applications of MI and Autonomous Vehicles.


November 4, 2016: Embraco Festival UK: Julie speaks about THE STRATEGY JOURNEY®



October 29, 2015: Judge at London’s inaugural live speed funding event by Kaboom Consulting


September 29, 2015: Business Strategy for Start-ups at the Migrant Business Accelerator (London)



Get in touch

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